The Science of Beauty

You recognize beauty instantly. We all do. Even the Greek myths spun tales of beauty and its illustrious power. From ancient times until now, what beauty is and how to obtain it has been one of mankind’s most passionate pursuits. At Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, our plastic surgeons believe beauty is who you are already. It only needs to be revealed.

Dr. Sawan believes everyone’s beauty is only hidden.

Through his experience as a plastic surgeon and the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the University of Oklahoma for ten years, he has been fervently focused on providing plastic surgery procedures that unearth that beauty in the most personalized way possible, all with a true artist’s eye. His remarkable insights, cutting-edge discoveries, intensive education, and exclusive techniques have made him a wanted and sought-after surgeon and educator in the cosmetic field worldwide. His Oklahoma City plastic surgery patients experience both the art and the science of true beauty.

There really is a Sawan difference. Find out more about what that means for you, today.

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