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What is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the fastest-growing aesthetic enhancements in the United States and is in popular demand among both women and men. This body contouring surgery offers individuals an effective way to get a fuller, shapelier behind without the use of implants. Weight loss, age, and hereditary characteristics can all cause a flat rear end. Today, many people prefer a curvy, rounder butt instead of a flat or unshapely one. A Brazilian butt lift transfers fat to the buttocks and adds fullness to create more definition and a rounder look. This is accomplished through a careful and precise fat transfer process using liposuction to remove fat from a specific spot on your body and then reinstates it into your backside. It takes an artistic eye to perfect the Brazilian butt lift and with many years of experience and training, Oklahoma City, OK board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan can give you natural, gorgeous results at Sawan Surgical Aesthetics.

Can I Get A Brazilian Butt Lift?

In order to be considered a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift, you'll need to have a physical examination by plastic surgeon Dr. Sawan. The first consideration is to make sure you have enough adequate fat on your body to liposuction for the removal, grafting, and transfer process. If you are thin or have limited fat to extract and purify, you may not be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. In addition, you'll also need to have healthy skin laxity. If you have wrinkled or sagging skin, a Brazilian butt lift may not be the best option for you. If you are at a stable weight, have the right amount of fat to remove, and prefer not to use an artificial device, such as an implant, this enhancement surgery can be a great option for you.

How is A Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

In most cases, a Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient treatment, and anesthesia is used. It usually takes around 2 – 3 hours to complete, depending on the amount of fat that you are having removed and transferred. Liposuction is performed first to extract fat from the chosen areas on your body (typically the stomach, hips, and thighs). This treatment of fat removal is performed at the highest quality and safety. The fat tissue is protected from the air and purified in a closed centrifuge system. From there, the viable fat tissue is carefully harvested, put into syringes, and ready for the injection transfer. The harvested fat tissue is reinstated in layers and gently massaged to make sure the surface is smooth. This process is repeated multiple times until the desired fullness has been attained.

What Should I Expect Following My Brazilian Butt Lift?

Following your Brazilian butt lift, you will be sent home to heal. It's important to remember that you have two areas healing — where the fat was removed and your buttocks. Both areas will have some discomfort and swelling. You won't want to place additional weight on your rear end for at least two weeks following your surgery. After the swelling has subsided, your results will be more noticeable, but the majority of patients report seeing their full outcome in about 4 – 6 weeks with a curvaceous and shapelier butt. Even better, the areas that had lipo may make your result more beautiful if it was implemented on the lower back or flanks.

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As the world around us focuses on creating a healthier body, the Brazilian butt lift has quickly become popular because it allows individuals the chance to attain a full, round, healthy-looking butt. If you wish to have an enhanced fullness to your buttocks and are seeking a natural approach, we invite you to contact Sawan Surgical Aesthetics in Oklahoma City, OK to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sawan.

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