What Is A Celebrity Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 09/16/2020

An in-depth guide to celebrity tummy tuck, including how it can give you the gorgeous, sexy, Hollywood-worthy physique you’ve always wanted.


How Does A VIP Facelift Correct Signs of Aging?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 09/09/2020

Do you experience sagging facial skin and other common signs of aging? Learn how a VIP facelift works in Oklahoma City to rejuvenate your appearance.


Weight Loss Support Groups in Oklahoma City

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 07/27/2016

Several weight loss support groups host meetings in the Oklahoma City area.


Considering Plastic Surgery? Questions to Ask Before Scheduling a Procedure

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 07/11/2016

The most important thing before any procedure is that you feel confident, secure and excited about your choice.


Skin Care: Infographic

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 06/27/2016

There’s no need to feel unhappy with your skin, especially as it naturally ages and loses elasticity and luster.


Facial Aesthetics: Infographic

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 06/07/2016

With careful planning and analysis of each client’s needs, facial aesthetic procedures will help you step forward with confidence


Cosmetic Surgery: Infographic

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 05/27/2016

Have you always wondered what types of cosmetic surgeries are available?


Dr. Sawan Introduces First SculpSure Body Contouring Treatment to Oklahoma City

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 03/31/2016

A fat-blasting laser may sound like a futuristic procedure, but we’re excited to announce the time is now for Oklahoma City!


Common Breast Reduction Questions - Answered!

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 03/08/2016

Here are some common questions women may have when considering breast reduction surgery.


Sawan Surgical Aesthetics Celebrates Grand Opening

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 02/29/2016

On an unusually warm February evening, we welcomed the public to our new office building for our Grand Opening celebration.


You’re Invited! Sawan Surgical Aesthetics Grand Opening Event

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 02/01/2016

This month, we are celebrating the grand opening of Sawan Surgical Aesthetics in Edmond, Oklahoma.


Healthy Skin for the Holidays

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 12/01/2015

If you're preparing for a season of holiday activities and want to look your best, you need take care of your skin.


Body Contouring: The Final Destination in the Journey of Extreme Weight-loss

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 09/30/2015

The final destination of a weight loss journey is to undergo body contouring procedures.


Dr. Sawan Travels Overseas to Provide Consultations in Areas of Expertise

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 08/22/2015

Dr.Sawan has been requested to be a visiting consultant in Qatar and Dubai.


Plastic Surgery Throughout History

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 09/30/2014

Plastic surgery has a unique history in the medical world, and has been important to society as we know it since the late 1800s.


Top Questions Surrounding Facelifts

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 08/22/2014

A rhytidectomy, better known as a facelift, counteracts the effects of aging to help restore a natural, youthful look.


What Can Rhinoplasty Fix?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 08/22/2014

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as nose surgery can treat a variety of issues with the appearance and function of the nose.


What to Expect from Your Rhinoplasty Consultation and Procedure

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 06/02/2014

Choosing to have plastic surgery is a very personal decision that requires a lot of research and consideration.


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