Will A VIP Facelift Tighten Loose Skin Around The Eyes?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 04/15/2021

Do sagging, tired eyes make you look older than you really are? Discover how a VIP facelift can help restore a fresher, more youthful appearance!


Enhance Your Lower Body Lift Results With An Arm Lift

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 03/30/2021

Complete your extreme weight loss transformation with a lower body lift, an arm lift, and other complementary body contouring procedures.


Should You Lose A Few Pounds Before HD Liposuction?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 03/26/2021

What is HD liposuction, how does it work, and what’s the ideal weight for HD liposuction patients? Get all the answers to your HD lipo questions here!


Will A Celebrity Tummy Tuck Get Rid Of My Lower Back Fat?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 03/16/2021

Don’t just improve your look on one side; get a stunning new figure from all angles with celebrity tummy tuck surgery in Oklahoma City, OK.


How Does a VIP Facelift Restore Facial Volume?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 03/08/2021

A VIP facelift is a great way for men and women to address lost volume in the face, like hollow cheeks, while also reducing lines and wrinkles.


Where Can I Expect Scars After Lower Body Lift Surgery?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 02/26/2021

A skin tightening surgery can reduce hanging folds of skin around your middle. Learn how we help you handle scarring from lower body lift recovery.


Will HD Liposuction Give Men A More Masculinized Chest?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 02/25/2021

Want a more shredded figure? Are diet and exercise not giving you the results you deserve? Consider HD liposuction for a stunning, strong physique.


Will A Celebrity Tummy Tuck Reshape My Waist?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 02/12/2021

Removing stubborn fat and extra skin from your stomach can work wonders, but will it give you the trim waist you want as well? Find out here.


I Have Hollow Cheeks. Is a VIP Facelift Right for Me?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 02/05/2021

A VIP facelift helps improve the suppleness of your skin with facelift and fat transfer techniques, which enhances the volume and shape of the cheeks.


How Much Weight Can You Lose With A Lower Body Lift?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 01/31/2021

Set realistic expectations for your lower body lift results by understanding what is possible with surgery, including whether you may lose weight.


What Body Areas Can Be Treated With HD Liposuction?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 01/23/2021

Desperate for a shredded six-pack or a more defined chest and arms? Find out how HD liposuction can give you the sculpted physique you deserve.


Will A Celebrity Tummy Tuck Get Rid Of Diastasis Recti?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 01/16/2021

Are you embarrassed by a stubborn belly pooch that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise? It may be diastasis recti, and tummy tuck surgery can help!


How Long Will it Take for VIP Facelift Scars to Heal?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 01/09/2021

Patients should learn what to expect during VIP facelift recovery. Learn how to care for the incision sites to minimize scarring as much as possible.


How Does HD Liposuction Combined With Fat Grafting Work?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 12/17/2020

HD liposuction and fat grafting techniques tighten the midsection and enhance the deltoids, arms, or calves with ultrasound lipo and fat transfer.


Can You Get A Celebrity Tummy Tuck Right After a C-Section?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 12/09/2020

Considering a tummy tuck after a C-section? Learn more about our celebrity tummy tuck in Oklahoma City.


How Permanent Are VIP Facelift Results?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 12/06/2020

A facelift helps tighten the skin and gently lifts the complexion for a younger-looking appearance and may last for a long time with proper care.


What is The Recovery Timeline After Lower Body Lift Surgery?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 11/24/2020

If you still have problem areas after extreme weight loss surgery, a lower body lift procedure can address hanging skin and small pockets of fat.


Do You Need High Definition or Traditional Liposuction?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 11/19/2020

If you're looking to reduce fat or create a more shredded or toned appearance, traditional and/or high-definition liposuction could be what you need.


How Visible Will Scars Be After A Celebrity Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 11/12/2020

You probably already know how life-changing the results of a tummy tuck can be, but you may have questions about scarring. Learn what to expect here!


Which VIP Facelift Technique is Best for Sagging Jowls?

Dr. Kamal Sawan | 11/03/2020

A surgical facelift uses specialized tightening techniques and minimal fat removal to treat wrinkles and sagging skin.


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