Can a Facelift Be Performed With Other Procedures?

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When it comes to cosmetic procedures, few solutions are as effective as facelift surgery. A facelift can virtually turn back the clock by reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. However, prospective patients should understand all their options before going under the knife. Combining a facelift with fat grafting may achieve better-looking results. This procedure is called a VIP facelift at Sawan Surgical Aesthetics.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City explains the differences between a traditional and VIP facelift below. Call to meet with Dr. Kamal Sawan and see if you are a candidate for either surgery.

What happens during a traditional facelift?

A traditional facelift focuses on tightening the underlying tissues and muscles while removing excess skin. This reduces the appearance of sagging and generates a more youthful appearance. Depending on the extent of the procedure, incisions may be made along the hairline and around the ears. Once the desired results are achieved, the incisions are closed and bandaged.

What is a VIP facelift?

A VIP facelift combines a traditional facelift with fat grafting. Fat grafting is a process where tissue is taken from one area and injected into places that lack volume or fullness, such as the eyes, cheeks, and chin. The extra fat can be used to sculpt and contour the face for a more balanced look.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City usually takes excess fat from the abdomen during a facelift, but other areas may also be used. It is important to note that fat grafting with a VIP facelift is not necessarily for everyone – your candidacy will be determined during an assessment.

What happens during a facelift consultation?

During a consultation, Dr. Sawan will assess your facial structure and skin tone to determine which procedure can help meet your cosmetic goals. We also discuss the process of recovery and how you can best prepare for surgery. We know everyone’s comfort level is different, so we take the time to answer your questions and address any pressing concerns.

The benefits of a VIP facelift

A traditional facelift achieves great results, but a VIP facelift comes with additional benefits such as:

  • More natural-looking outcomes: Combining fat grafting with a facelift can give your face more definition and symmetry.
  • Long-lasting results: Our fat grafting techniques help maintain the results of your VIP facelift for even longer.
  • Personalized outcomes: Every patient is different, and the fat used in a VIP facelift can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

When is the best time for a VIP facelift?

It is widely accepted that the best age for a VIP facelift is in your late-30s to early-50s when wrinkles and sagging skin become more pronounced. However, candidacy for the procedure is based on individual factors, so it is important to consult a professional before making any decisions.

At Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, we understand that the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is not taken lightly, which is why we provide our patients with comprehensive support. Whether you are considering a traditional facelift or a VIP facelift, Dr. Sawan can explain the differences and help you make an informed choice.

Try our VIP facelift with fat grafting

Combining a facelift with fat grafting may help you achieve your desired appearance. If you want to learn the differences between a traditional and a VIP facelift, contact Sawan Surgical Aesthetics to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City. Dr. Kamal Sawan is prepared to answer your questions and help you move forward with confidence.

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