HD Lipo Can Help You Achieve the Shredded Appearance You Desire

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If long nights at the gym are not producing the sculpted six-pack and biceps that you desire, then you may be an excellent fit for high-definition (HD) liposuction. At Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, our team provides HD liposuction and numerous body contouring surgical options for both men and women. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan works with patients throughout Oklahoma City, OK, skillfully producing customized, shredded results.

What is high-def liposuction?

HD lipo is a body contouring surgical procedure used to remove unwanted fat cells via suction technology for the purpose of enhancing underlying muscles. Some of the most popular treatment areas are the abdomen and the arms to better define the six-pack, triceps, and biceps. However, HD lipo can be used in other areas of the body if there is enough muscle mass to sculpt around. At Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, Dr. Sawan listens to each patient’s personal body sculpting goals to develop a highly tailored HD lipo surgical plan.

Benefits of HD lipo

HD liposuction presents numerous benefits to men and women who wish to have a trimmer, toned look, including:

  • Eye-popping, natural-looking muscle tone
  • A customized surgical experience
  • A carefully designed recovery and scar management protocol
  • Long-lasting results

HD lipo can be combined with additional body sculpting procedures, including fat grafting and body lifts, to add volume to natural curves and to tighten sagging skin. Consult with Dr. Sawan about available surgical options that may fit your unique cosmetic needs.

Ideal candidates for HD liposuction

You may be an excellent candidate for HD lipo if you:

  • Have healthy underlying muscles
  • Are in good, general health
  • Are at a good, ideal body weight
  • Have great skin elasticity to prevent sagging after surgery

Dr. Sawan will review your medical and personal history to determine if you can safely undergo high-def liposuction. Individuals with certain medical conditions or who are at a specific body weight may not qualify. HD liposuction is not considered an alternative technique to weight loss programs or surgeries.

How the surgical procedure works

Patients come to Sawan Surgical Aesthetics for their scheduled procedure, where they are placed under general anesthesia. Dr. Sawan will make small incisions at each treatment site and insert the HD lipo cannula under the skin to suction and remove unwanted fatty tissue. If you are participating in a combined HD lipo and fat grafting procedure, the fat cells are removed, purified, and injected into each transfer site. Once your incisions are closed, you will be moved to a recovery room to be monitored before being sent home.

What does recovery look like after HD lipo?

Typically, patients are fitted for a compression garment, which is to be worn over the treatment site to aid in swelling and blood circulation. Recovery takes approximately 7 – 10 days, after which each patient can gradually participate in their normal daily routine. Once the swelling goes down, patients will start to notice increased definition in their muscles and a firmer, toner look to their overall appearance.

How long will my HD lipo results last?

If you adhere to your recovery protocol and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, your results can potentially last for many years. Dramatic weight gain, childbirth, and pregnancy can compromise your HD lipo outcomes; however, Dr. Sawan can work with you to restore your shredded appearance in the future.

Learn more about attaining a toned, shredded appearance after HD lipo

If you reside in or near Oklahoma City, OK, and are interested in increasing the definition in your muscles that you are not achieving through diet and exercise alone, contact us today at Sawan Surgical Aesthetics for a high-def liposuction consultation. Dr. Kamal Sawan looks forward to working with you to help you achieve your personal body sculpting goals.

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