How Long Can Swelling Last After Lower Body Lift?

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A wide range of factors can leave you with excess skin and fat around the midsection and lower body, including pregnancy, weight loss, and simply getting older. It can have a significant impact on how you look and feel, reducing your confidence and quality of life. With a lower body lift (also known as a 360 tummy tuck) at Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan gives patients in Oklahoma City, OK a chance at a new look — and a new life. Here’s an overview of a lower body lift, including what recovery will look like after this procedure and how long swelling will last.

What is a lower body lift?

Your midsection and lower body have a significant impact on your overall look. Unfortunately, life experiences like pregnancy, losing weight, and age aren’t friendly to this area of your body. As a result, many people are left with loose skin, excess fat, and an undesirable appearance. A lower body lift targets this area, including the tummy area, buttocks, lower back, and flanks.

A lower body lift is a major treatment — and it can produce major results. This treatment can reshape your lower body and give you a look you’ve always imagined.

This procedure, which is done using general anesthesia to make you comfortable, begins with a surgical incision that is usually made around where you would wear a belt. Dr. Sawan then performs liposuction to get rid of unwanted and excess fat in the midsection and lower body. Dr. Sawan will also trim away hanging and loose skin in this area, pulling it taught and closing it with surgical sutures.

Patients are left with a slimmer overall appearance in their midsection and lower body. This can have a dramatic effect on your look as well as your confidence.

What is recovery like after a lower body lift?

While this advanced procedure provides noticeable results, a lower body lift is still surgery. As a result, you’ll have some recovery time, including swelling and bruising. These side effects can last a few weeks to a month in some cases.

To help aid healing, compression garments will be placed over the treatment area. This creates a slimmer appearance, and it also helps control swelling, bruising, and bleeding.

After a lower body lift, you’ll need to refrain from activity for at least two weeks. In some cases, you’ll need to wait up to six months to get back to strenuous activities to let your body heal.

Dr. Sawan and our team in Oklahoma City, OK will give you detailed instructions on how to promote healing, reduce scarring, and help you achieve the best possible results from your lower body lift. While the recovery time can feel long, the results of this procedure are considered worth it.

Achieve a slimmer appearance with a lower body lift in Oklahoma City, OK

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin. However, sometimes life has a different plan. With a lower body lift by Dr. Kamal Sawan at Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, patients in Oklahoma City, OK want to show off their new look as much as possible. If you have questions about if you’re a good candidate for a lower body lift, schedule an appointment today to learn more about lower body lifts and how this procedure can benefit you.

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