How Much Skin Can Be Removed with 3D Abdominoplasty?

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Even when you reach your goal weight, loose skin — which is particularly common on the lower abdomen — can be a cosmetic and functional nuisance that keeps you from enjoying the results of all your hard work. With tummy tuck surgery, however, you can finally get the smoother, slimmer, more desirable physique you deserve. At Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, Oklahoma City board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan takes the tummy tuck one step further by addressing the sides and flank area in a 3D abdominoplasty, giving patients a more proportionate and well-rounded result for an even more dramatic transformation. Here, you’ll find answers to many tummy tuck FAQs, including how much skin it may be possible to remove during your 3D abdominoplasty, what kind of scarring you can expect, and others.

What happens during a 3D abdominoplasty?

Each 3D abdominoplasty surgery is customized to help meet the unique anatomy, needs, and goals of the patient. Generally speaking, the procedure is similar to a traditional tummy tuck, in that an incision is created on the lower abdomen to remove loose skin. If needed, Dr. Sawan may suggest pairing liposuction with your tummy tuck to tackle stubborn pockets of fat. In many cases, the abdominal muscles are tightened and reinforced to repair abdominal muscle separation — known as diastasis recti — and the belly button may be repositioned. In a 3D tummy tuck, Dr. Sawan takes care to recontour the sides of the body, which may include the hips or flanks, for a more natural and harmonious new figure that looks great from every angle.

How much skin will a tummy tuck remove?

The amount of skin removed during 3D abdominoplasty or a standard tummy tuck will vary based on how much excess skin is present, as well as other individual patient factors. In many cases, it is possible to achieve a new midsection that is almost completely flat and smooth with 3D tummy tuck surgery. However, there may be a limit on how much skin can safely and appropriately be removed in a single surgical setting, which Dr. Sawan will discuss with you at the time of your consultation and preoperative appointments. Patients should also keep in mind that a 3D abdominoplasty is not considered a primary weight loss tool and that they should already be at or near their goal weight prior to the procedure.

Will I have scarring after a 3D abdominoplasty?

Scarring is an unavoidable outcome of any tummy tuck surgery, including 3D abdominoplasty, but with a skilled surgeon and proper aftercare, many patients are highly satisfied with the appearance of their scars. Not only that, but abdominoplasty scars are often concealable beneath reasonable clothing, including some swimsuits and undergarments. To encourage the most complete healing and fading of your 3D tummy tuck scar, be sure to:

  • Keep the healing incision clean and dry
  • Do not submerge the healing incision
  • Walk with your upper body bent at a slight angle
  • Sleep on your back with your upper and lower body elevated at slight angles
  • Avoid putting any pressure or tension (pulling) on your healing incision
  • Do not engage in heavy lifting or strenuous physical activity until cleared by Dr. Sawan
  • Use topical scar care products as recommended and directed
  • Take supplements as recommended and directed
  • Keep the scar protected from the sun
  • Keep the skin moisturized

With these healthy tummy tuck scar care habits, you can help minimize the appearance of your 3D abdominoplasty scar and send your confidence soaring.

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