Should I be a Certain Weight for HD Lipo Treatment?

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HD liposuction is a method of body contouring for better muscle definition and tone. For example, some people remove small amounts of fat from the abdominal muscles to create the appearance of a six-pack. This treatment can also slim the arms, enhance the calves, and fine-tune other areas with great precision.

However, not everyone is a candidate for HD liposuction in Oklahoma City, OK. Dr. Kamal Sawan explains that most people should be within 15 pounds of their ideal weight before moving forward with treatment. We recommend calling Sawan Surgical Aesthetics for a one-on-one consultation with a specialist – our team can help you better understand your options.

When to choose HD liposuction over traditional lipo

Conventional liposuction procedures involve the large-scale removal of stubborn fat pockets. This can be useful for people with fat deposits that don't respond to regular diet and exercise. Liposuction is popular for its ability to contour and shape the body in a single session, although it's not designed to provide muscle definition.

HD lipo treatment offers a more precise approach using advanced techniques and technologies. During treatment, Dr. Sawan uses a small tool to carefully break down fat cells from around the muscles. Sometimes, the fat is removed and re-administered into other areas so the muscles can look fuller and more toned.

Do I need to lose weight before HD liposuction?

It depends. There's no specific weight requirement for HD liposuction in Oklahoma City, but you should be within 15 pounds of your ideal weight to see optimal results. Dr. Sawan will need to perform a comprehensive assessment to ensure your candidacy for treatment. Recommendations are based on your fitness level and the amount of fat in the targeted areas.

Sawan Surgical Aesthetics helps men and women with generally low body fat percentages. Those with significant amounts of fat or excess skin may be better suited for other body contouring procedures at our clinic. Rest assured that no matter what, our professionals can help you make the right decision for your body and goals.

Is HD lipo treatment safe?

Yes! Dr. Sawan is a highly experienced surgeon who has mastered the techniques of HD liposuction. Sawan Surgical Aesthetics understands the importance of following strict safety protocols to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction.

We also perform a comprehensive medical evaluation before moving forward with any treatment. Patients should be in good general health before HD liposuction and free from active infections or lesions in the treatment area.

How to maintain your sculpted body after HD liposuction

HD liposuction can help you achieve a more toned appearance, but the results may not last if you don't commit to a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and regular exercise are essential for maintaining your new body contours. We recommend eating nutritious meals with lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Dr. Sawan can provide more advice on maintaining your outcomes long-term.

Transform your muscles with HD lipo treatment

It's important to have realistic expectations before undergoing HD liposuction in Oklahoma City. Call Sawan Surgical Aesthetics to request a consultation and learn more about this innovative body contouring procedure. Dr. Kamal Sawan is committed to providing a customized treatment plan that helps meet your body goals and expectations.

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