What Are the Benefits of a Lower Facelift?

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As the years go by, it's not uncommon for the lower face to experience a loss of definition, resulting in sagging skin and drooping features that are particularly noticeable around the chin and jowls. For men and women frustrated or embarrassed about these and other side effects of aging in the lower portion of the face and neck, facelift surgery can be a fantastic solution. However, lower facelift surgery isn't just about addressing these concerns specifically — it's also an opportunity to restore harmony to your facial contours, enhancing your overall appearance and restoring a more youthful, beautiful, smoother look. Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan of Sawan Surgical Aesthetics in Oklahoma City, OK outlines the many exciting benefits of lower facelift surgery.

What happens during a lower facelift?

Lower facelift surgery is primarily used to address loose skin, sagging features, and droopiness in the lower third of the face, which includes the jowls, jawline, and mouth. Beyond targeting the lower face, a lower facelift can also produce remarkable improvements in the neck area. In many cases, liposuction is paired with lower facelift surgery to address stubborn fat deposits beneath the chin, resulting in a sleeker, more refined neck contour.

What are the benefits of a lower facelift?

As sagging skin and drooping features become more pronounced with age, many men and women find themselves feeling self-conscious about their appearance. By undergoing a lower facelift, you can effectively address these concerns and help restore a smoother and more youthful look. Another key benefit of a lower facelift is its ability to restore harmony and balance to your facial features. As the lower face begins to lose definition, it can impact the overall symmetry of your face, leading to a less youthful appearance. By tightening sagging skin and refining contours, a lower facelift can improve facial balance and harmony. In addition, benefits of lower facelift surgery can include:

  • Taking years off your appearance
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Reducing sagging neck skin, double chin, and drooping jowls
  • Minimal, if any, scarring
  • Results can last for years or even decades

Should I get a lower facelift vs. a full facelift?

At Sawan Surgical Aesthetics, we understand that every patient's concerns, goals, facial anatomy, and more are unique. With this in mind, Dr. Sawan tailors each VIP facelift surgery — whether a lower facelift, full facelift, or a combination of facial enhancement procedures — to align with the patient's individual situation. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sawan will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the most effective course of action possible for you.

Am I ready for a lower facelift?

While there is technically no age limit for facelift surgery, understanding the unique benefits of a lower facelift can help you make an informed decision on if you may be ready for facial enhancement surgery. Whether you're concerned about sagging skin or drooping features, Dr. Sawan will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your goals. Generally speaking, ideal candidates for lower facelift surgery are typically in good health, nonsmokers, and hoping to rejuvenate the lower third of their face and upper neck.

Lighten up your look and feel more confident with lower facelift surgery in Oklahoma City, OK

Drooping jowls and sagging neck skin can add years to your appearance and even make you look heavy or weighed down — but a lower facelift can help. Take the first step toward a slimmer, smoother, more youthful face and neckline you can feel confident about by calling Sawan Surgical Aesthetics to schedule your one-on-one consultation for Oklahoma City facelift surgery with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan today.

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