When Is The Best Time To Get A Lower Body Lift?

woman grabbing her leg

When it comes to a procedure as extensive as the lower body lift, it is critical that patients plan ahead for all aspects of their surgery, including the recovery period. From lining up help around the house to scheduling an appropriate amount of time off work, the preparations for lower body lift surgery are essential for ensuring a smooth recovery and successful outcome. At Sawan Surgical Aesthetics in Oklahoma City, OK, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan is committed to helping patients change their bodies and their lives for the better with advanced lower body lift surgery. Use the helpful information below to learn more about how to prepare for a lower body lift, including when may be the best time to schedule your procedure. 


What’s included in a lower body lift?  

While each lower body lift surgery performed by Dr. Sawan is personalized to match the unique needs and goals of the patient, the procedure itself is generally used to address concerns in the following areas: 


  • Abdomen 
  • Hips 
  • Buttocks 
  • Thighs 


Oftentimes, lower body lift surgery serves as the final step in a patient’s transformation after extreme weight loss, while other patients turn to the lower body lift to reverse the unwanted consequences of pregnancy or aging. Depending on the nature and severity of the patient’s concerns, a lower body lift in Oklahoma City may include: 


  • Tummy tuck/abdominoplasty 
  • Skin removal 
  • Liposuction 
  • Butt lift 
  • Thigh lift 


When should I schedule my lower body lift?  

Patients considering lower body lift surgery should have realistic expectations for their recovery period and understand that it may be up to six months or longer before they can return to strenuous physical exercise, heavy lifting, and other activities. In many cases, patients will need to take several weeks – or even months – off of work after their lower body lift, meaning they must plan their procedure during a period when they have enough available downtime to do so. 


Additionally, patients should consider their upcoming travel plans or social engagements when determining the best time to schedule a lower body lift. Because it can take 6 – 12 months for the final results of a lower body lift to become apparent, for example, it would be advisable to schedule the procedure well in advance of a planned beach vacation or wedding. 


Ultimately, the best time for a lower body lift will vary from patient to patient. Some of the most important factors to consider include: 


  • Available time off work 
  • Needs of children/household 
  • Availability of friends/loved ones to help during recovery 
  • Upcoming travel plans or social engagements 
  • Current health/weight (patients should be in good health, nonsmoking, and have maintained a healthy and stable weight for at least 6 – 12 months before undergoing lower body lift surgery) 


Based on these factors and other details about your surgery specifically, Dr. Sawan will help you decide when it may be most appropriate and beneficial to schedule your life-changing lower body lift. 


Complete your stunning transformation with a lower body lift in Oklahoma City, OK 

No matter when you decide to schedule your lower body lift, you can look forward to looking and feeling better than ever for years to come! To learn more about the remarkable transformations that may be possible for you with lower body lift surgery in Oklahoma City, OK, call Sawan Surgical Aesthetics to schedule your one-on-one consultation with nationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan today. 


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