Where Can I Expect Scars After Lower Body Lift Surgery?

woman's lower body

People who experience dramatic weight loss usually get loose or hanging skin in the abdomen, thighs, lower back, flanks, and buttocks. So what is a lower body lift procedure? A lower body lift removes excess skin and fat pockets for total lower body rejuvenation. Based on your treatment plan in Oklahoma City, OK, Dr. Kamal Sawan may create an incision all the way around the waist.

A lower body lift is a great way to reach your skin tightening goals and celebrate your weight loss journey. While many patients are concerned about lower body lift scars, the professionals at Sawan Surgical Aesthetics do their best to make sure any scars are as minimal as possible. Complete your transformation by booking a consultation. We can review topics, like lower body lift recovery.

What is a lower body lift procedure?

You have worked hard to achieve your goal weight. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to see the results of your efforts due to large folds of hanging skin. So what is a lower body lift procedure? The main goal of this treatment is to trim away excess skin and fat so the underlying figure is more contoured. Candidates include massive weight loss patients who are at or near their goal weight. Lower body lift recovery also tends to be longer compared to other cosmetic treatments.

How is skin tightening surgery performed?

While lower body lift surgery is customized based on your health and treatment goals, all procedures are performed while under general anesthesia. Dr. Sawan will help you plan for surgery that lasts 4 – 7 hours, as well as a hospital stay in Oklahoma City, OK. As we mentioned, incisions are placed along the midsection, typically where a belt would be worn. We then remove extra skin and fat as needed. The remaining skin is then tightened and secured with surgical sutures.

Lower body lift scars explained

Some lower body lift scars are expected after surgery. Rest assured that every effort is made to create clean incisions. Incisions are also made in places that are easily hidden. Sawan Surgical Aesthetics offers comprehensive lower body lift recovery instructions so you can keep the treatment areas clean and covered. This allows the scars around your waist to flatten and blend into your skin. Once the area is healed, patients can use skin care products to further smooth out the skin.

What to expect during lower body lift recovery

Lower body lift surgery does require some extended recovery time. It will take several weeks to resume daily activities so it is important to rest and take it slow. It may take up to six months before you can return to strenuous exercises. Even though this seems intimidating, our patients feel the process is worth the effort. You can enjoy your slimmer, more contoured appearance and finally show off your weight loss efforts.

Feel better in your skin

Loose, hanging skin and stubborn fat pockets can prevent you from living your best life. This is why so many weight loss patients seek skin tightening surgery in Oklahoma City, OK. The lower body lift at Sawan Surgical Aesthetics has been life-changing for countless people who want to look and feel their best. Discover the benefits for yourself by meeting with trusted plastic surgeon Dr. Kamal Sawan.

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